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From Mindset to Impact


What is leadership? Is leadership about accomplishing goals and getting things done, or is it about engaging in meaningful relationships and nurturing people’s strengths? Is it about transmitting information and knowledge, or is it about managing action and performance? Is leadership about maintaining the status quo or initiating change?


Whether you are leading a company, a department, a team, a family, or your life – you are a leader and you have an impact on others. As a human being, and as a leader, you have natural tendencies and preferences that come from your strengths, your weaknesses, your skills, your experiences, and your needs.


In The Leader’s Journey Workshop, you will take a journey through discovering your unique brand of leadership. You will discover your natural leadership preferences, strengths, and challenges, and will experience the profound impact that they have on others in your life.

Beating Self-Sabotage to Reach Your Potential


Most people are totally unaware of the fact that they have an inner, self-sabotaging voice that is constantly speaking to them. This voice will say things that at first sound like wise advice that is only meant to protect the person from emotional harm such as getting hurt, being rejected, or experiencing disappointment. So this voice will say things like:

  • “You’re going to look like a fool.”

  • “Don’t try that. It’ll never work.”

  • “People aren’t going to like that

  • You’re not experienced enough to make that work.”

  • “Don’t wear that dress; it makes you look fat.”

  • “You’ll embarrass yourself if you try that.”

  • “It’s too much effort to do that. And it won’t work, anyway.”


There are countless more things this inner voice says, so the question that needs to be asked then is: have you ever heard this inner voice saying these things to you? The answer for all of us is, yes! So now...what are you going to do about it?

Communicate with Power & Influence


It may come as a surprise, but communicating with others is the one activity you do more than any other - except for breathing. No doubt there’s plenty of communicating going on in your life. But how effective is it? What results does it get you? Excellent interpersonal communication skills are the most valuable skills you can possess, both personally and professionally. Just because you have the ability to speak doesn't mean you are effectively speaking. And, your ability to hear doesn’t mean you're truly hearing what someone else is saying to you.


In this workshop, you will learn powerful techniques to become better speakers and listeners by discovering more about: What is it we are really looking for when we communicate with each other? What gets in the way of our communication and how do we overcome it? And what's essential in all communication interactions?