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One of the key traits of successful leaders is extreme self-awareness. The best and most respected leaders have one thing in common -- they each 'know what they don't know', are acutely aware of their strengths and weaknesses and actively pursue development in these areas.  You can go find out who you are through trial and error or you can begin quickly and easily with the many assessments available through HERBIZ. These assessment instruments are standards in professional development and the learning you get from the results is critical to your emergence as a leader.  


HERBIZ's signature foundational classes start you on the road to success. In these classes you will learn and begin to understand the important role Context, Perspective, Options, Relationships & Strategies play in your overall career path and/or entrepreneurial success.

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The Print Profile assessment identifies your view of the world, your best self characteristics and shadow self. You will find out why you do what you do and why you are who you are. It explains how you react to situations and relate to people. Prints are at the core of what motivates you to succeed and what drives you crazy. Prints can help determine strategies for getting what you want and reveal your life’s major challenge.


The TV show! This is the place Ellyn hangs out and chats with really cool women to discuss the gender issues that hold women back. It's fun, bold, bawdy and irreverant at times, but mostly eye-opening. This is where leadership training for women gets taken up a notch! The 'buzz' is -- there are a lot of 'AHA' moments on the way!


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